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According to the Internal Regulations on EAA Conference Selection approved by the EAA General Assembly in Budapest 2005, the following procedure will be followed to select the hosting EAA member society of FORUM ACUSTICUM 2014.

Step 1.
An EAA member society (or a group of EAA member societies that intend to act together) can submit a letter of interest in presenting a proposal to host the International Conference FORUM ACUSTICUM 2014.
The letter (one page) should contain:

  • Proposed city
  • Indicative dates for the Conference
  • Organizing committee with the name of a contact person

The letter of interest must be sent as a pdf file to the EAA General Secretary ( ) before October 10th , 2009.

Names of the proposing countries will be published during the EAA General Assembly in Edinburgh on October 25th, 2009.

Step 2.
After the General Assembly in Edinburgh , EAA member societies (or groups of EAA member societies) that have answered to step 1, will be invited to present a complete proposal containing at least information on:

  • Conference venue (rooms for plenary lectures and oral presentations, space for exhibition, space for posters, lunches opportunities)
  • Dates of the Conference (with alternatives)
  • Organizing Committee with specific roles (e.g. chairman, technical chairman, and so on)
  • Past experience in organizing national and international conferences
  • Preliminary technical programme
  • Social programme
  • Hotel accommodation with prices
  • Travel facilities
  • Expected number of participants (on basis of the last FORUM ACUSTICUM Conferences)
  • Draft cost plan (participation fee for full participants and for students, sponsors, exhibition, etc.)
  • Budget
  • Programme to support the participation of young acousticians (e.g. accommodation, special fees, grants)

The proposal must be sent as a pdf file to the EAA General Secretary before March 1st, 2010.

Step 3.
The EAA Board will process and select the proposal before June 30th, 2010.
General selection criteria are:

  1. Organizing Capacity (Completeness of the proposal, Experience of the Organizing Committee)
  2. Fitness of the Conference Venue
  3. Richness of the technical programme
  4. Participants facilities (Travel, Hotel accommodation)
  5. Fair opportunity (when, where and how often important international conferences were hosted in the past, in particular EURONOISE, FORUM ACUSTICUM, INTERNOISE and ICA)

The first following General Assembly will ratify the selection made by the Board.

EAA expects a contribution shared from the royalties of the conference. Details will be fixed in a contract. EAA will provide any kind of support. Particular support is given by providing the infrastructure for production of the conference programme book in Acta Acustica united with Acustica and by cooperation of the EAA Technical Committees in the organisation.

This Call for proposal is sent to all EAA member societies.

Luigi Maffei
President of EAA

Kristian Jambrosic
General Secretary of EAA

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